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Fill a matrix using a for loop

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Rn on 3 Jan 2021
Commented: Rn on 4 Jan 2021
Given a large matrix of multiple eeg channels (signal_training), I have isolated one channel which is a 9000x1 array (Cz_channel). Another array is given and is also a 9000x1 array, filled with 1's 0's and 2's (StimulusSignal_training). 1 is produced when there is a flash of a non-stimulus and 2 when there is a flash of a stimulus. the 1's and 2's occur in groups of 24 samples. I am trying to group the occurance of each flash of non-stimulus in one matrix. so each column will be filled with the voltages from Cz_channel that correspond to each set of 24 1's. There are 150 flashes of non-stimulus. The code below is what i have written although, The matrix is not filling in the correct values and all the columns are the same? can anyone help it would be much appreciated!!
Cz_channel=signal_training(:,11); % extracting the EEG Channel from electrode Cz from the dataset of all 64 channels
Non_stim_index=find(StimulusSignal_training==1); % vector containing all the indices of CZ where non stimulus occurs
Stim_index=find(StimulusSignal_training==2); % vector containing all the indices of CZ where stimulus occurs
for m=1:150
for k=1:1:24


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Accepted Answer

VBBV on 4 Jan 2021
Use for loop index to store different values

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Rn on 4 Jan 2021
That worked, Thank you!

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