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How can I split a word? (Ther is a special case)

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Kerem Kayan
Kerem Kayan il 3 Apr 2021
Modificato: Brahmadev il 14 Feb 2024
Hello everyone, I'm trying to create a dataset for my project. But I'm pulling the data from the internet. I need the HTML tag "ul". There is no space between words in the two "ul" drawn one under the other. How can I split them automatically?
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David Hill
David Hill il 3 Apr 2021
I do not understand your question.
DGM il 3 Apr 2021
We would need to know how you're reading the data in to be able to tell you how to improve it. Trying to fix the merged words after the fact is going to be a lot more problematic.

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Brahmadev il 14 Feb 2024
Modificato: Brahmadev il 14 Feb 2024
As per my understanding of your question, you would like to split different unordered list elements using MATLAB from HTML data. I am assuming that you have the data stored in a MATLAB variable. If not, you can read the webpage using the "webread" function. See example below:
url = ""; % Edit the URL with your webpage
HTMLcode = webread(url);
Now, when we have the HTMLcode as a a character array, we can use the following approach to split all the elements with a <ul> tag consecutively . Note that I have taken a smaller example for better understanding.
HTMLcode = '<ul><li>First list item</li></ul><ul><li>Second list item</li></ul>';
% Regular expression to match </ul> followed immediately by <ul>
pattern = '(</ul>)(<ul>)';
% Insert a delimiter between the two tags
delimiter = '#SPLIT#';
html_with_delimiter = regexprep(HTMLcode, pattern, ['$1', delimiter, '$2']);
% Split the string at the delimiter
split_html = strsplit(html_with_delimiter, delimiter);
% Display the separate <ul> elements
for i = 1:length(split_html)
You can refer to the following MathWorks documentations for mmore information on the used function:
  1. webread:
  2. regexprep:
  3. strsplit:
Hope this helps in better understanding!


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