What is the output value of "extractLBPFeatures" function represent?

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I have a question on the output value of "extractLBPFeatures" function.
For example,
I run the following code, where Image is a 300 x 800 uint8 grayscale image.
lbp = extractLBPFeatures(Image,'Upright',false);
I got the output as
lbp = [0.0049327621 0.0095359785 0.011643226 0.032630574 0.051055972 0.032631438 0.015497292 0.0084941788 0.99728268 0.011309296]
1x10 doubles
I guess that the above numbers represent relative frequency, but the sum of these numbers are 1.175, which is more than 1. What exactly do these numbers represent?

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Madhav Thakker
Madhav Thakker on 20 May 2021
Hi Yong-Kyu,
The features returned by extractlbpfeatures encode local texture information, which you can use for tasks such as classification, detection, and recognition. For more details, refer - https://www.mathworks.com/help/vision/ref/extractlbpfeatures.html#buumhti-1-features.
Hope this helps.

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