What is the range of datatype double in Matlab ?

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If we assign any value to a variable , Matlab assigns its data type as double .
What is the max range of that variable ?

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David Sanchez
David Sanchez on 21 Aug 2013
All numerical variables in MATLAB are stored as 32 bit floating point numbers. This corresponds to double precision on most computers. I think it can range from -1.7976931348623158e+308 to -2.2250738585072014e-308, or from 2.2250738585072014e-308 to 1.7976931348623158e+308.
James Tursa
James Tursa on 21 Aug 2013
Edited: James Tursa on 21 Aug 2013
To clarify the lower range, numbers between these two number ranges are "de-normalized" or "sub-normal", meaning they have less precision (using fewer actual mantissa bits) than a regular double.
>> typecast(uint64(1),'double')
ans =
>> realmin
ans =
Whereas numbers between these two ranges have full precision (use all available mantissa bits):
>> realmin
ans =
>> realmax
ans =
Similar for negative numbers.

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