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AP on 7 Jun 2011
Commented: Morteza Kiani on 26 Mar 2016
Can someone kindly help me about kriging 3D interpolation in MATLAB? Is there an efficient code for such an interpolation? It should be much faster than TriScatterInterp. I am wondering why Mathworks does not include it in its program.
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Morteza Kiani
Morteza Kiani on 26 Mar 2016
Do you know how the prediction can be write out as matlab function in dace or kriging? Thanks

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Wolfgang Schwanghart
Wolfgang Schwanghart on 8 Jun 2011
To my knowlegde there is no comprehensive geostatistical software written in Matlab. I would always use packages such gstat or gslib. There are, however, some toolboxes that interface with gstat, e.g. mgstat
You can also adapt my code to work in 3d. If you work on large datasets, however, it will be very slow.
So, don't stick to Matlab if you want to work with geostatistics. There are much better solutions around.
HTH, Wolfgang

Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski on 7 Jun 2011
You may wish to look at some of the results for kriging on the FEX. (I've never used any, but a few appear to be well rated)
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AP on 7 Jun 2011
Are you aware of any 3D interpolation by Kriging? Unfortunately, all those are 2D :(

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Thomas Clark
Thomas Clark on 29 Oct 2012
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AP on 29 Oct 2012
Edited: AP on 30 Oct 2012
Thanks Thomas. Unfortunately, I had to write my own code. Hopefully, other users will benefit from the package you cited.

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