Problem 44531. 2) Are you more familiar with iteration methods or Linear Algebra ? Let's see together.

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Given a sum result x value of a N number of addends, build an array of N elements y such that the following equality is satisfied: sum(y) = x .

For example if: x = 10 and N = 2, possible solutions for y are: [7 3], or [8 2].

More formally if x = a and N = n it results:

y = [y_1 y_2 y_3 ... y_n] where: y_1 + y_2 + y_3 +...+ y_n = a

Important notice: All the elements in y must be: different from zero, different from each other and strictly positive . On the other hand I will not take into account if they are integers or decimal numbers .

Hint: You can use several approaches and the solution is not unique. For example you can think to approach with a iterative method or, if you are more accustomed with Algebra, by solving a linear system. This choice it's up to you.

Good luck and enjoy with the solution ;)

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