Excavator Design with Simscape

Design an excavator. Define pin locations, calculate BOF and TOF, produce load charts, and simulate dig cycles.
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Aggiornato 8 dic 2023
Excavator Design with Simscape
This example models an excavator with hydraulic actuation of the swing motor and cylinders for the boom, stick and bucket. A MATLAB App enables you to explore the mechanical and hydraulic design space to calculate digging and lifting forces according to international standards.
  • Pin locations can be adjusted in Excel or in the app.
  • Digging forces (BOF/TOF) are calculated according to ISO 6015:2016.
  • Pin loads are calculated for BOF, TOF, and lift capacity tests.
  • Load charts are determined at a range of arm positions.
  • Relief pressure thresholds can be analyzed for each function and the pumps.
  • Hydraulic regeneration valves are modeled to evaluate efficiency.
  • Dig cycle time and efficiency are determined in dynamic simulation.
  • Realistic soil loads are applied to the bucket using Discrete Element Modeling (DEM) software.
Use the "Download" button above to get files compatible with the latest release of MATLAB.
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Open the project file Excavator.prj to get started.
Excavator Dig Cycle Animation Clip