Thresholding an image

Interactively threshold an image. Make a binary image.
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This program takes a color or monochrome image and lets the user interactively/manually threshold the monochrome image, or a single color band of a color image, via sliders to set the maximum and minimum thresholds. The thresholded image is a binary image that can be used as a mask image for other images. The pixels in the thresholded range are shown in the middle image as a binary image (black/white), and the original image pixels are shown masked in the left image (gray scale or color). Inputs are the low and high thresholds to start with and the image file name or image matrix. The program returns the threshold values and the last color band that was used to select the threshold. The image can be of type integer (uint8, uint16, etc.) or floating point (single, double).

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Image Analyst (2024). Thresholding an image (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Recuperato .

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Creato con R2021b
Compatibile con R2014b fino a R2021b
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Ispirato: Parametric Mapping Scripts for MRI data

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Versione Pubblicato Note della release

Added option to set thresholds to Triangle or Otsu values. Updated graphics. Updated properties from set() to OOP style. Tested in R2021b.

Changed description slightly
Fixed bug about typing in a value for a floating point image.

Updated to work with R2015a.