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How do I remove the bottom line of the axes in a saved figure?
If you do not want the axes outline to appear, you can turn it off using this command: axis off If you have an area, bar, or s...

circa 4 anni ago | 1

| accepted

What colormap is used to generate ColorOrder?
The lines command returns "the color scheme matches the default ColorOrder property of the Axes." In the default case, the follo...

oltre 4 anni ago | 1

Contour - washed out values
Hi Matthew - hope you have already figured this out. LevelList is indeed where you want to go. You may also want to set the CLim...

oltre 10 anni ago | 0

Changing font type on a plot axis label when using 'latex' script interpreter
Hi Darren - It isn't possible to specify Helvetica as the font for the LaTeX interpreter - there is a more detailed discussion o...

oltre 10 anni ago | 0

Multiple data cursors without having to right click?
If you hold down the ALT key and click elsewhere on your figure, you will be able to add another datatip without selecting 'Crea...

circa 11 anni ago | 3