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Ildeberto de los Santos Ruiz

Tecnológico Nacional de México

Last seen: circa 2 mesi fa Attivo dal 2019

Profesor en el TecNM, adscrito al Instituto Tecnológico de Tuxtla Gutiérrez.

Programming Languages:
Python, C++, C, Java, Javascript, MATLAB, HTML, CSS, Arduino, Assembly
Spoken Languages:
English, Spanish


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Solving nonlinear equation involving sum
It will take you a long time to evaluate the sum from n = 0 to n = 10000. You can solve it in a short time considering only fro...

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How to solve 3 simultaneous algebraic equations with a equality constraint.
You only need to express in terms of and plot that relationship: syms x1 x2 x3 t x3 = solve(x1+x2+x3 == 420,x3) EQ1 = x1 ==...

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how can I plot a unit step function?
This is my proposal, I hope it helps you: u = @(t) double(t>=0); h = @(t) u(t-2)-u(t-4); fplot(h,[0,5])

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how to write a user defined function that calculates the maximum or minimum of a quadratic equation of the form
Try this: --------------------- f = @(x) x^2-5*x+6; initial = 0; fminsearch(f,initial) --------------------- To find a max...

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Why power function give a complex number result?
The "problem" appears when you raise the base (-x / x50) to power n. In IEEE floating-point computations: a ^ n = exp(n * log(...

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Haw can I calculate the difference between two points in a plot?
Try this: --------------------------------------- plot(...) [x,y] = ginput(2); % clic on each point dx = diff(x) dy = diff(...

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Adding semicolon and comma and saving it into .txt file
Try this low-level code: ----------------------------------------- x = randi(9,[1,2*6001]); % ACTUAL DATA fileID = fopen('da...

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