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Gabriel Ruiz-Martinez

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Interested in water waves, coastal and oceanographic phenomena.


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Harmonic Analysis for Tidal time series data
@Shuvashish Roy, you can try with LP-TIDES, this a nice Matlab GUI that uses T-Tide toolbox. Regards

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Shallow Water wave phase speed.
@Jeremiah Thomas, a solution could be this: % Wave period (s) T = 2:15; % Water depths vector (m) d = 1:4000; % Gravit...

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Tide analysis and prediction
A little late Nazmul, but I hope this answer can help to other people with the same doubt. All tidal analysis requires two inpu...

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What data from mareographs do I need to perform a tide prediction in T-Tide?
Hi Alexandria, It's little late to reply your message, but I hope this message can help to other people with the same doubt. I...

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Math lab tool for calculating of Tide
Hi Indika, if you have a water level record of 12 years, you can use the Rich Pawlowicz's T-Tide Matlab toolbox to analyze your...

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Amount of rain and precipitation simulation
In order to give you an idea, you should check the algorithm of: Intensity duration frequency curves or check this book: Arag...

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Downloading HYCOM data using Matlab and OPeNDAP
HI Amitava, thanks for sharing your Powershell script. Recently, I faced off the same problem as you. Using the NCTOOLBOX (Schil...

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How many built-in functions have Matlab?
How many built-in functions have Matlab R2019b, including all the toolboxes?

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