Climate Research and Development with MATLAB and Simulink

Researchers and developers worldwide are analyzing trends and designing solutions in response to climate change. View their work, including clean energy products, scientific papers, and financial models.

Climate Science

Climate Science

SnowClim Model

A.C. Lute et al,, February 2022
model and data

Climate Science

NASA Develops Early Warning System for Detecting Forest Disturbances

NASA’s Stennis Space Center, U.S. Department of Agriculture Forest Service, U.S. Geological Survey
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Modelling the impact of climate change on maize yield in Victoria Nile Sub-basin, Uganda

Joash Bwambale and Khaldoon A. Mourad, Arabian Journal of Geoscience, November 2021

Expanding the 2-Dimentional Green-Ampt and Non-linear Reservoir Hydrological Model from SWMM to MATLAB®

Marcus N. Gomes Jr. et al, AGU 2021 Fall Meeting, December 2021

Effects of climate change on the movement of future landfalling Texas tropical cyclones

Pedram Hassanzadeh et al, Nature Communications, July 3 2020

Soil moisture–atmosphere feedback dominates land carbon uptake variability

Vincent Humphrey et al, Nature Communications, 2021

Snow Evolution in a changing climate

Abigail Brazil, Dartmouth Digital Commons, Spring 2021
honors thesis

Anthropogenically-driven increases in the risks of summertime compound hot extremes

Jun Wang et al, Nature Communications, February 11 2020

Modeling and Parameter Estimation of Hurricane Wind Fields with Asymmetry

Derek Chang et al, Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, February 14 2020

Climate change impact on flood and extreme precipitation increases with water availability

Hossein Tabari, Nature: Scientific Reports, August 13 2020

Fishery migration under the influence of global warming

Jian Tang et al, IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 2021

Probabilistic Modeling of Hurricane Wind-Induced Damage in Infrastructure Systems

Derek Chang et al,, May 7 2021
paper preprint

Climate Data Toolbox

Climate Data Toolbox, Chad Greene et al, MATLAB File Exchange, March 2019
MATLAB toolbox, Github MATLAB code

Financial Risk and Sustainability


Impacts of poverty alleviation on national and global carbon emissions

Benedikt Bruckner et al, Nature Sustainability, February 14 2022

Financial Risk and Sustainability

Using Energy-Economic Models for Climate-Related Financial Impact Analysis (24:50)

Sergey Paltsev, MATLAB Computational Finance Conference, September 29 2021

Does ESG Impact Really Enhance Portfolio Profitability?

Francesco Cesarone et al, sustainability, February 11 2022

Assessing the costs of historical inaction on climate change

Benjamin M. Sanderson and Brian C. O’Neill , Nature, June 8 2020

Modeling the Impact of Transition and Physical Climate Risks on a Portfolio of Mortgages

Lawrence Johny, Videos and Webinars, September 2021

ESG Investing: From Sin Stocks to Smart Beta

Based on paper from Fabio Alessandrini and Eric Jondeau, Center for Risk Management -- Lausanne, 2019

Optimal Dynamic Carbon Taxes in a Climate-Economy Model with Distortionary Fiscal Policy

Lint Barrage, The Review of Economic Studies, April 18 2018

Managing Climate and Carbon Risk in Investment Portfolios

Ken Seng Tan et al, Society of Actuaries, February 2018