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Trim airframe around operating point specification object



trimAirframe(modelToAnalyze) trims the airframe around an operating point specification object. A Trim Airframe dialog window prompts you to select an operating point specification object from the base workspace. If an operating point specification object does not exist in the base workspace, click the Launch Trim Tool button in the Trim Airframe dialog window. This button starts the Simulink® Control Design™ Model Linearizer in which you can create the operating point specification object. From this object, the trimAirframe function trims the airframe.

trimAirframe(modelToAnalyze,opSpec) trims the airframe model around the specified operating point specification object.


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Trim the model SkyHoggAnalysisModel around an operating point specification object, opSpecDefault. This example starts the flight control analysis template using asbFlightControlAnalysis and trims the model around the opSpecDefault operating point. It then linearizes the airframe model around the opTrim operating point specification object and calculates the short- and long-period (phugoid) mode characteristics of linSys.

asbFlightControlAnalysis('3DOF', 'SkyHoggAnalysisModel');
opSpecDefault = SkyHogg3DOFOpSpec('SkyHoggAnalysisModel');
opTrim = trimAirframe('SkyHoggAnalysisModel', opSpecDefault);
linSys = linearizeAirframe('SkyHoggAnalysisModel', opTrim)
flyingQual = computeLongitudinalFlyingQualities('SkyHoggAnalysisModel', linSys)

Input Arguments

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Model on which to perform flight control analysis using the linear state-space model linSys. This model must be previously created with the asbFlightControlAnalysis function.

Data Types: char | string

Linear state-space model used to perform flight control analysis on modelToAnalyze.

Data Types: char | string


This function requires the Simulink Control Design license.

Version History

Introduced in R2018b