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Get value of scenario simulation parameter

Since R2022a



    param = get(ScenarioSim,'Param') returns the value of the specified parameter Param from a scenario simulation ScenarioSim at runtime.


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    Create ss, a Simulink.ScenarioSimulation object.

    rrApp = roadrunner('C:\Project\TestHighwayRoute');
    ss = createSimulation(rrApp);

    Get the current simulation status.

    simstatus = get(ss,'SimulationStatus')

    Get the log data history associated with the simulation.

    loggeddata = get(ss,'SimulationLog')

    Get all actors from a scenario.

    actors = get(ss,'ActorSimulation')

    Get a specific actor using its corresponding Simulink model handle.

    actorsim = get(ss,'ActorSimulation', 'SimulinkModel', mdHdl)

    Get a specific actor using the System object™ that represents its runtime behavior. This operation is possible only if an actor is already associated with a MATLAB® System object.

    actorsysobj = get(ss,'ActorSimulation', 'SystemObject', obj)

    Get a specific actor using its corresponding Simulink.ActorModel object name.

    actormod = get(ss,'ActorSimulation', 'ActorModel', actorModel)

    Retrieve all the sensors from the simulation.

    sensors = get(ss,'SensorSimulation');

    Input Arguments

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    RoadRunner Scenario simulation, specified as a Simulink.ScenarioSimulation object.

    Example: simstatus = get(ScenarioSim,'SimulationStatus')

    Scenario simulation parameter, specified as one of these string values.

    'StepSize'Step size of simulation
    'MaxSimulationTime'Maximum simulation time of scenario
    'PacerStatus'Pacer status of simulation
    'SimulationPace'Pace of simulation
    'SimulationStatus'Status of simulation
    'SimulationLog'Logged simulation data
    'ActorSimulation'Actors in simulation
    'ActorSimulation', 'SimulinkModel', mdHdlActor in simulation corresponding to specified Simulink model handle
    'ActorSimulation', 'SystemObject', objActor in simulation corresponding to specified System object
    'ActorSimulation', 'ActorModel', actorModelActor in simulation corresponding to specified Simulink.ActorModel object
    'SensorSimulation'Sensors in simulation

    Example: simpace = get(ScenarioSim,'SimulationPace')

    Output Arguments

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    Value of parameter, returned as one of these data types.

    ParameterData Type of Output
    'PacerStatus'char or string
    'SimulationStatus'char or string
    'SimulationLog'Simulink.ScenarioLog object
    'ActorSimulation'Simulink.ActorSimulation object
    'ActorSimulation', 'SimulinkModel', mdHdlSimulink.ActorSimulation object
    'ActorSimulation', 'SystemObject', objSimulink.ActorSimulation object
    'ActorSimulation', 'ActorModel', actorModelSimulink.ActorSimulation object
    'SensorSimulation'SensorSimulation object

    Version History

    Introduced in R2022a