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Filter Design and Analysis

FIR, IIR, frequency transformations

You can design and analyze a variety of digital FIR and IIR filters using DSP System Toolbox™ functions and apps. Some of these filters include advanced filters such as Nyquist filters, halfband filters, advanced equiripple filters, and quasi-linear phase IIR filters.

The design techniques compute the filter coefficients of based on the specifications. The analysis techniques help you validate the specifications of the designed filter. Analysis techniques include plotting the frequency response of the filter, finding the group delay of the filter, or determining if the filter is stable.

Filter design and analysis are complementary and iterative. After you design a filter, analysis tools help you determine if the filter meets the required specifications. The toolbox provides design and analysis apps such as filterBuilder and fvtool. To learn how to use filterBuilder, see Filter Builder Design Process.

You can also transform filters from one form to another form using functions such as firlp2hp, iirlp2bs, iirlp2bpc. To learn more about frequency transformations, see Digital Frequency Transformations.

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