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Cast and Quantize Data

Quantization to fixed-point and integer data types, casting between data types

Cast between data types, and use the quantize function to quantize data according to a quantizer object's specifications.


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fiConstruct fixed-point numeric object
eyeCreate identity matrix with fixed-point properties
onesCreate array of all ones with fixed-point properties
zerosCreate array of all zeros with fixed-point properties
castCast variable to different data type
cast64BitFiToIntCast fi object types that can be exactly represented to a 64-bit integer data type
cast64BitIntToFiCast 64-bit integer types to an equivalent fi object type
castFiToIntCast fi object to equivalent integer data type
castFiToMATLABCast fi object type to an equivalent built-in MATLAB data type
castIntToFiCast an integer data type to equivalent fi type
subsasgnSubscripted assignment
subsrefSubscripted reference
assignmentquantizerAssignment quantizer object of fi object
copyobjMake independent copy of quantizer object
fixed.QuantizerQuantize fixed-point numbers
quantizeQuantize fixed-point numbers
quantizerConstruct quantizer object
quantize methodApply quantizer object to data
quantizenumericQuantize numeric data
randquantGenerate uniformly distributed, quantized random number using quantizer object
unitquantizeQuantize except numbers within eps of +1
unitquantizerConstructor for unitquantizer object
denormalmaxLargest denormalized quantized number for quantizer object
denormalminSmallest denormalized quantized number for quantizer object
exponentbiasExponent bias for quantizer object
exponentlengthExponent length of quantizer object
exponentmaxMaximum exponent for quantizer object
exponentminMinimum exponent for quantizer object
fractionlengthFraction length of quantizer object
lowerboundLower bound of range of fi object
rangeNumerical range of fi or quantizer object
wordlengthWord length of quantizer object
getProperty values of object
isequalDetermine whether real-world values of two fi objects are equal, or determine whether properties of two fimath, numerictype, or quantizer objects are equal
resetReset objects to initial conditions
setSet or display property values for quantizer objects
mat2strConvert matrix to string
tostringConvert fi, fimath, numerictype, or quantizer object to string


Constructing quantizer Objects

Explanation of how to create quantizer objects.

quantizer Object Properties

Definition of the quantizer object properties.

quantizer Object Properties

Outlines the properties of quantizer objects.

Quantizing Data with quantizer Objects

Using quantizer objects to quantize data, and how and what quantizing data does.

Transformations for Quantized Data

Explanation of transforming quantized data between representations.

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