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Resolve Bluetooth Warning: Unable to Read Any Data


These remedies apply when you receive no data and you get this warning message:

'bluetooth' unable to read any data.

Possible Solutions

Try these remedies to resolve the following causes when you use the Bluetooth® interface for:

  • Reading ASCII (text) data using the readline function.

  • Reading binary data using the read function.

An invalid command was sent to the device, so there is a problem reading the response to the command.Check your device manual for proper command formatting.
An incorrect write terminator was sent to the instrument before attempting to read data, so there is no data to read.Verify that the Terminator property is set to the value required by your device. For more information about setting the property, see configureTerminator.
An incorrect device name, address, or channel was used.Verify that the device is paired and connected. For more information about pairing and connecting, see Configure Bluetooth Communication Settings.

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