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Initiate asynchronous .NET delegate call


    result = BeginInvoke(arg1,...,argN,callback,object) initiates asynchronous call to a .NET delegate for Microsoft® .NET Framework applications. You must call EndInvoke to complete the asynchronous call.

    Input Arguments

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    Input arguments 1 through N (if any) required by delegate, specified as any valid type. The type and number of arguments must agree with the delegate signature.

    Method to call when a corresponding asynchronous operation completes, specified as a .NET System.AsyncCallback delegate or [] null value.

    Delegate, specified as a user-defined ,NET object or [] null value.

    Output Arguments

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    Progress monitor of the asynchronous call, returned as a .NET System.IAsyncResult object. Use result as the input argument to the EndInvoke function.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2011a