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Validate that setting value is an integer scalar

Since R2019b



matlab.settings.mustBeIntegerScalar(settingvalue) issues an error if settingvalue is not an integer scalar. This function does not return a value.

This function ignores input arguments that are empty values. Therefore, no error is thrown when the setting value is empty.


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Create a setting and specify a function to validate that the setting value is an integer scalar.

Create the settings group mysettings.

s = settings;

Add the setting MyIntegerSetting to mysettings and specify the validation function matlab.settings.mustBeIntegerScalar.


Test the validation function. Set the value of MyIntegerSetting to a noninteger value. As expected, MATLAB® throws an error.

s.mysettings.MyIntegerSetting.PersonalValue = 'Hello';
Error setting 'MyIntegerSetting' in group 'mysettings': Value must be integer.

Input Arguments

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Setting value to validate, specified as a scalar of one of the following:

Other data types cause an error.

Version History

Introduced in R2019b