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matlab.unittest.measurement.chart.ComparisonPlot Class

Namespace: matlab.unittest.measurement.chart

Visually compare two sets of time experiment results

Since R2019b


Objects of the ComparisonPlot class provide visualization to compare the time measurement results of two equal-sized sets of performance tests. ComparisonPlot objects map baseline and measurement TimeResult instances to the x- and y-axes of 2-D scatter plots, respectively.

The matlab.unittest.measurement.chart.ComparisonPlot class is a handle class.

Class Attributes


For information on class attributes, see Class Attributes.


To create ComparisonPlot instances, use the comparisonPlot method.


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Scale of the x- and y-axes of the ComparisonPlot object, specified as 'log' or 'linear'.

Allowable deviation of the statistics ratio from 1, for a pair of similar performance tests, specified as a numeric value between 0 and 1.

SimilarityTolerance specifies the borders of a shaded region in the ComparisonPlot object. Data points that fall inside this region represent similar baseline and measurement entries.

Version History

Introduced in R2019b