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Set Options

Set optimization options

Modify the optimization process, or monitor the optimization, by setting appropriate options.


optimoptionsCreate optimization options
optimsetCreate or edit optimization options structure
optimtoolSelect solver and optimization options, run problems
resetoptionsReset options


Option Basics

What Are Options?

Options are the controls for optimization.

Set and Change Options

How to use options.

Choose Between optimoptions and optimset

Choose between the two functions that create options.

View Options

How to review your options.

Optimization App

Set your options or run your optimization visually.

Optimization App Alternatives

Optimize without using the Optimization app.

Common Options Details

Options in Common Use: Tuning and Troubleshooting

Overview of the most common options.

Tolerances and Stopping Criteria

Control when the solver stops.

Checking Validity of Gradients or Jacobians

Check whether a derivative function matches finite difference estimates.

Output Function Syntax

How to monitor the progress of your optimization at the command line.

Plot Function Syntax

How to monitor the progress of your optimization visually.

intlinprog Output Function and Plot Function Syntax

How to monitor the progress of the intlinprog solution process.

Comprehensive Options Details

Optimization Options Reference

Describes optimization options.

Current and Legacy Option Name Tables

Gives the former and current option names that changed in R2016a.