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Detection and Tracking Statistics

Detectability factor, receiver operating characteristics (ROC), tracker operating characteristics (TOC), range-angle-height (Blake) chart

Minimum SNR threshold for different Swerling target models, minimum detectable signal (MDS), effective probability of detection versus range, probability of false alarm, probability of true tracks and false tracks in the presence of false alarms.


albersheimRequired SNR using Albersheim’s equation
blakechartRange-angle-height (Blake) chart (Since R2021a)
detectabilityRadar detectability factor (Since R2021a)
probgridNonuniformly spaced probabilities (Since R2021a)
radarbudgetplotDisplay link budget as waterfall plot (Since R2022b)
radarmetricplotPlot radar performance metric against target range (Since R2021a)
radarvcdVertical coverage diagram (Since R2021a)
rocinterpROC curve interpolation (Since R2021a)
rocpfaReceiver operating characteristic curves by false-alarm probability
rocsnrReceiver operating characteristic curves by SNR
shnidmanRequired SNR using Shnidman’s equation
toccghCompute track probabilities using the CGH algorithm (Since R2021a)


Radar DesignerModel radar gains and losses and assess performance in different environments (Since R2021a)
Radar Equation CalculatorEstimate maximum range, peak power, and SNR of a radar system (Since R2021a)