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Nonlinear Modeling

Nonlinear elements, nonlinear behavior, intermodulation distortion, IP2/IP3, interference

Use these blocks to specify the nonlinear behavior of amplifiers and mixers. Such behavior includes IP2/IP3, intermodulation distortion and 1-dB compression. You can also simulate frequency-dependent mismatches between components.


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AmplifierModel amplifier in RF systems
MixerModel mixer in RF systems
IMT MixerModel mixer using intermodulation table (IMT)
Power AmplifierModel power amplifier with memory
VGAModel variable gain amplifier
OIP3 TestbenchMeasure output third intercept point of system
IIP3 TestbenchMeasure input third intercept point of system
OIP2 TestbenchMeasure output second intercept point of system
IIP2 TestbenchMeasure input second intercept point of system
IQ DemodulatorConvert RF signal to baseband signal
IQ ModulatorConvert baseband signal to RF signal
ModulatorModel RF to RF modulator
DemodulatorModel RF to RF demodulator


Carrier to Interference Performance of Weaver Receiver

A classic superheterodyne architecture filters images prior to frequency conversion.

Measuring Image Rejection Ratio in Receivers

This example shows how to use the RF Blockset™ Circuit Envelope library to calculate the image rejection ratio (IRR) for high-side-injection in Weaver and Hartley receivers.

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