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RF Architectural Models

Models of RF transmitters and receivers to explore different architectural choices

Use RF Blockset™ Circuit Envelope library blocks to simulate RF transmitter and receiver systems using different architectures such as direct conversion, superheterodyne, low-IF, Hartley, Weaver, to name a few. With these models, you can anticipate specific architectural aspects and explore which architecture is best for the implementation of your RF system.

You can also use RF Blockset Analog Devices® support software to simulate and verify agile RF transceiver designs. MathWorks and Analog Devices co-developed the models and validated the values using lab measurements.



AD9361 Models

AD9361 transmitter and receiver models.

AD9371 Models

AD9371 transmitter, receiver, observer, and sniffer.


AD9361 Testbenches

AD9361 transmitter, receiver, and QPSK test benches.

AD9371 Testbenches

AD9371 transmitter, receiver, observer, sniffer, and transmitter-observer testbenches.

Featured Examples