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Reload Simulink Toolstrip configuration

Since R2021b



slReloadToolstripConfig reloads the Simulink® Toolstrip configuration. Use this function after you make changes to the JSON files that define custom tabs.


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After you modify a JSON file that defines a custom tab, use the slReloadToolstripConfig function to reload the toolstrip configuration with your changes.

In the MATLAB® Command Window, enter:


The function searches the MATLAB path for resources folders that contain a valid sl_toolstrip_plugins.json file.

To temporarily modify the toolstrip configuration, perform one of these actions before you call this function:

  • Add folders that contain resources folders to the MATLAB path.

  • Remove folders that contain resources folders from the MATLAB path.

If the custom tab does not appear:

  • Debug and correct errors in the JSON code.

  • Add the folder that contains the corresponding resources folder to the MATLAB path.

Version History

Introduced in R2021b