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Manage Variant Modeling Components

Manage variant elements and define, reduce, and analyze variant configurations

Variant Manager is a tool that allows you to visualize the model hierarchy and centrally manage the usage of variant elements such as variant blocks and variant transitions in Stateflow® charts across the hierarchy.

The tool is available as a support package named Variant Manager for Simulink® with these main capabilities:

  • Variant Manager — Visualize the model hierarchy, manage the usage of variant elements across the hierarchy, and create and manage variant configurations.

  • Variant Reducer — Generate a reduced model that contains only selected variant configurations.

  • Variant Analyzer — Compare and contrast variant configurations to identify errors or inconsistencies.


Simulink.VariantManagerAccess Variant Manager functionality programmatically
Simulink.VariantConfigurationDataCreate variant configurations programmatically
Simulink.VariantConfigurationAnalysisAnalyze variant configurations programmatically

Support Package

Variant Manager for Simulink

Use a central tool to manage all variation points in a variant model.