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slmetric.dashboard.Configuration class

Package: slmetric.dashboard

Object containing information on Metrics Dashboard layout and widgets


Instances of slmetric.dashboard.Configuration contain information on the layout and types of widgets in the Metric Dashboard.


Use the slmetric.dashboard.Configuration class to specify the layout and types of widgets in the Metrics Dashboard. To create an slmetric.dashboard.Configuration object, use the new method. Each slmetric.dashboard.Configuration object contains one slmetric.dashboard.Layout object. Use the methods and properties of the slmetric.dashboard.Layout class to customize the widgets and layout of the Metrics Dashboard.

You can modify an existing Metrics Dashboard layout, such as the shipped Metrics Dashboard layout, by using the getDashboardLayout method.


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Name of configuration object that you use to specify the Metrics Dashboard layout. This property is read/write.

Data Types: char

XML file name that contains information on the current Metrics Dashboard layout. This property is read/write.

Data Types: char

Location of XML file that contains Metrics Dashboard layout. This property is optional and read/write.

Data Types: char


getDashboardLayout Create Metrics Dashboard layout object in base workspace
new Create configuration object for customizing Metrics Dashboard layout
openCreate slmetric.dashboard.Configuration object associated with XML configuration file in the base workspace
openDefaultConfiguration Return shipping Metrics Dashboard configuration object in base workspace
save Save contents of slmetric.dashboard.Configuration object to XML file


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Use the new method to create an slmetric.dashboard.Configuration object. As an input, specify the name of the XML file that is to contain information on a custom metrics dashboard layout. After you add this information to the configuration object, use the save method to save the file.

CONF ='Name','default')

  Configuration with properties:

        Name: 'default'
    FileName: ''
    Location: ''

Version History

Introduced in R2018b