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Set design requirement property values



    set(req,Name,Value) sets the property values of requirement object req using one or more name-value arguments. Use set to simultaneously change properties that you cannot change independently.


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    r = sdo.requirements.SignalBound;
    set(r,'BoundTimes',[0 5;5 10], ...
        'BoundMagnitudes',[1.1 1.1; 1.01 1.01]);

    Input Arguments

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    Property name and value, specified in one of the following formats, where Name is the property name and Value is the property value.

    • 'Name',Value

    • Name=Value (since R2021a)

    For more information on specifying properties, see the corresponding requirement object page.

    Example: BoundTimes=[0 5;5 10]

    Example: 'BoundTimes',[0 5;5 10]


    You can set individual property values using dot notation, for example = value. To set the value of multiple properties simultaneously, use set instead.

    Version History

    Introduced in R2011b

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