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Class: simscape.multibody.Multibody
Namespace: simscape.multibody

Compile Multibody object

Since R2022a


cmb = compile(mb) compiles the simscape.multibody.Multibody object, mb, and returns a simscape.multibody.CompiledMultibody object if the compilation is successful. The compilation process evaluates all parts of the mb object and checks for semantic correctness.

To perform analyses, such as computing the position of a joint primitive, for a multibody system, the corresponding Multibody object of the system needs to be successfully compiled.

Input Arguments

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Multibody system, specified as a simscape.multibody.Multibody object.

Output Arguments

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Compiled multibody system, returned as a simscape.multibody.CompiledMultibody object that you can use for many analyses, such as visualize and transformation. See simscape.multibody.CompiledMultibody for more information.



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Version History

Introduced in R2022a