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Update view in view set

Since R2020a



vSet = updateView(vSet,viewId,absPose) updates the view specified by viewId with the absolute pose absPose.

vSet = updateView(___,"PointCloud",ptCloud) specifies the point cloud associated with the view.

vSet = updateView(vSet,viewTable) updates the views specified in the table viewTable.


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Create an empty point cloud view set.

vSet = pcviewset;

Add a view to the point cloud view set.

viewId  = 1;
ptCloud = pcread("teapot.ply");

vSet = addView(vSet,viewId,"PointCloud",ptCloud);

Update the absolute pose of the view.

rotationAngles = [0 0 0];
translation = [2 0 0];
absPose = rigidtform3d(rotationAngles,translation);
vSet = updateView(vSet,viewId,absPose);

Input Arguments

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View set, specified as an pcviewset object.

Point cloud view identifier, specified as a unique integer.

Absolute pose, specified as a rigidtform3d object.

Point cloud, specified as a pointCloud object.

New view or set of views, specified as a two- or three- column table. The table must contain the columns ViewId and AbsolutePose, and an optional column, Points.

ViewIDView identifier for the view, specified as a unique integer
AbsolutePoseAbsolute pose of the view, specified as a rigidtform3d object.
PointsA pointCloud.

Output Arguments

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View set with updated view, returned as a pcviewset object.

Extended Capabilities

Version History

Introduced in R2020a

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