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What Is a Digital Credential?

A digital credential, sometimes called a digital badge, is an electronic representation of a verified achievement. Unlike paper or PDF certificates, a digital credential enables you to represent, share, and show proof of your skills in a widely accepted format. Credentials are issued, accessed, and displayed online, and can be shared on social media channels, personal profiles, and digital portfolios.

Display Your Achievements as a Digital Badge

MathWorks has partnered with Credly to display your learning outcomes in the form of a digital badge. You can easily accept, manage, and share your digital badge and the skills attainment it represents.

Digital Credential Benefits

Using a digital credential allows you to share your abilities in a way that is simple, trusted, and easily verified in real time. Digital credentials provide employers and peers with concrete evidence of the skills you possess and your capabilities. In addition, access to current labor market insights connects your skills with active job opportunities.

Process to Obtain and Use Digital Credentials



Meet the earning criteria for a course or program eligible for a digital credential.



Once you’ve earned your digital credential, you will receive a notification email from our digital credential provider, Credly. Credly will provide you with information about how to claim your digital credential.



Share your digital credential on social media sites or place it directly in your digital portfolio.

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