How to remove or add portions of the x-axis that isn't being used

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So this is what I'm working with: As you can see, the graph for both functions ends at 5 but the x-axis continues until 6. I would also like to add the grid in the second graph so that the y-axis ends at 5 instead of 4. How do I fix it?

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Voss on 10 Dec 2021
Edited: Voss on 10 Dec 2021
There are different ways to do it:
xlim('tight'); % option 1
xlim([-4 5]); % option 2
set(gca(),'XLim',[-4 5]); % option 3
It looks like you've used subplot to get the two axes, so note that you have to set the x-limits for each one (unless they're linked).
Slimiar functionality exists for the y-limits: use ylim or set the 'YLim' of the axes.


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