How do I change the tick label rotation on my colorbar?

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I have a horizontal colobar and my goal is to set the tick labels of my colorbar, so that they won't tilt. Here is a screenshot of the current problem:
I tried the below but it did not work:
set(cb, 'yTickLabelRotation', 0);
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dpb il 31 Lug 2022
Modificato: dpb il 31 Lug 2022
They've hidden some of the ruler properties -- you have to use/access the underlying numeric ruler properties --
will let you at 'em. Search the FEX for Yair Altman's <Undocumented object properties> that will uncover what can be found of hidden properties from various graphics objects to find out such things.
I do wish TMW would get over this penchant of hiding stuff that users might still want to modify for special purposes/plots; it only seems to be getting worse and worse with "Mother knows best!" mentality.

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