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Trying to add a Row to a nested table

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Xymbu il 22 Ott 2022
Commentato: Xymbu il 23 Ott 2022
I have been playing with data storage and was playing with a crypto API to try and figure out a good data storage method. I have a table that has tables within it it for each individual line item and am having trouble figureing out how to append a new row to each of the individual tables inside the overall table.
basically, what I want is to add a new row to each table such that the next iteration of the table each of those tables would be 2X26 tables instead of the 1X26 tables shown below.
To test this out im just trying to append each table with a duplicate of the row that exists in the file.
Ive attached the test matrix. Any help would be appreciated.
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dpb il 22 Ott 2022
Not convinced. But it's too big to mess with as is...cut it down to a manageable size for development purposes and then show specifically what you're after that you think can't be done by flattening the table.
Xymbu il 23 Ott 2022
This is pretty much as simple as it gets. There are 100 currencies each with 26 metrics at discrete time steps. every iteration will add another set of the 26 metric values to each curreny. it can be tested on a single currency but that doesnt make the mechanics any simpiler.
I ended up doing it as nested structures instead of tables and connecting it to a cloud database. It works fine for anyone else seeing this that may have simliar questions.

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