Plotting a surface from a timetable

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Paul il 16 Feb 2024
Commentato: Paul il 16 Feb 2024
I've developed a timetable (attached), and I want to make a surface plot from it. I want "Start Time" and "Distance [km]" to be my x and y axes, with "Flow Rate [veh/hr]" as the corresponding output on the z axis. I've tried using plot3, but I'm getting a jumbled mess instead of a smooth surface.

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Voss il 16 Feb 2024
Here's one way:
load data
X = Lane1Data.("Start Time");
Y = Lane1Data.("Distance [km]");
Z = Lane1Data.("Flow Rate [veh/hr]");
I = scatteredInterpolant(hours(X-min(X)),Y,Z);
X_plot = linspace(min(X),max(X),50);
Y_plot = linspace(min(Y),max(Y),50);
[XX,YY] = meshgrid(hours(X_plot-min(X_plot)),Y_plot);
Z_plot = I(XX,YY);

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang il 16 Feb 2024
Modificato: Fangjun Jiang il 16 Feb 2024
when you use plot() or plot3(), the plot connects the data points from the first to the second, till the last. Sometimes this causes bad visual effect.
What you need might be scatter3(), or use plot3(x,y,z,'.') which means just show the data points but not to connect the data points.




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