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Simulink model to Arduino code?

Asked by aly abidali on 15 Mar 2017
Latest activity Commented on by Taimur Zaman on 14 May 2018
Hello everyone,
I have built a quadcopter and am trying to design a control algorithm to stabilise it in flight. I have done a simulink model of the quadcopter that uses PID control and stabilises fine. I would like to somehow convert this simulink model into arduino code so that i can fly it without it connected to my computer using an arduino board. Is this possible?
The aim is to design my own flight stabilisation algorithm for a quadcopter after simulating it on simulink and then testing it experimentally.


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Answer by Tohru Kikawada on 15 Mar 2017
 Accepted Answer

Yes, you can generate C code for Arduino through Simulink Support Package for Arduino Hardware.

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Hi, Same problem with me. I have generated a Controlled Phase Shifted PWM in arduino through code, now i want to transform same code to simulink blocks. so, is it possible, i mean if yes; how can i access from simulink arduino timers and interupts. I am new to simulink arduino interface

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