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Undocumented style of changing matlab font

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I'm reading "Undocumented Secrets of matlab-java programming" by Yair Altman and try to change editor's font by means which are described in this book, but it has explicit examples only for color. Anyway, I managed to change font in matlab.prf by the following code:
FontName = "Consolas";
javaLangString = java.lang.String(FontName);
javaAwtFont = java.awt.Font(javaLangString,0,10);'Desktop.Font.Code2',javaAwtFont);
It does change font in preferences but doesn't press "apply" button. In other words it doesn't refresh environment font but change it in configuration file (matlab.prf). In case of color it was solved by this:'ColorsBackground');
It there any way to do this for font?
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Greg il 10 Gen 2018
What's wrong with the normal preferences option for changing Editor font?

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Yair Altman
Yair Altman il 10 Gen 2018
The FontPrefs class contains other useful static methods to set/get the text and code fonts, and to convert from the display font to the [larger] Java font (note: only the font-size changes) or vice-versa. Use my checkClass or uiinspect utilities (on the File Exchange) to investigate what this class offers.
Yair Altman

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Adam Danz
Adam Danz il 1 Apr 2021
Modificato: Adam Danz il 1 Apr 2021
Starting in Matlab r2018a, another way to set the editor's font is to use the Settings group.
This change will be maintained until the Matlab session ends:
S = setting;
S.matlab.fonts.codefont.Name.TemporaryValue = 'Consolas';
This change will be persistent across Matlab sessions for an individual user:
S = setting;
S.matlab.fonts.codefont.Name.PersonalValue = 'Consolas';
For Live Script font sizes, see S.matlab.fonts.editor


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