ROS Gazebo vision.BlobAnalysis Error

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Ravindra il 13 Set 2018
Risposto: Ravindra il 14 Set 2018
Hi all,
I am facing the problem with the vision.BlobAnalysis class for ROS beginner tutorial.
Following is the error:
Array formation and parentheses-style indexing with
objects of class 'vision.BlobAnalysis' is not allowed.
Use objects of class 'vision.BlobAnalysis' only as
scalars or use a cell array.
Error in detectCircle (line 37)
[centroids,majorAxes] = detector(imgBW);
Error in gazeboExampleMATLAB (line 29)
[centerX,centerY,circleSize] =
please suggest, how can I resolve the error. Thank you very much in advance.

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro il 13 Set 2018
Are you trying this in a version earlier than R2016b, by any chance?
If so, replace the problematic line with:
[centroids,majorAxes] = step(detector,imgBW);
- Sebastian

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Ravindra il 14 Set 2018
Thank you very much Sebastian!! Works perfectly.


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