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Multiply the complex number 1+8i with its complex conjugate

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  1. Enter the value of ‘s’ as complex number
  2. Perform conjugate of ‘s’ and store in the variable ‘t’
  3. Multiply ‘s’ and ‘t’. Store the result of multiplication in the new variable ‘u’
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Adam il 25 Ott 2019
What is your question? If you don't know what a complex conjugate is I'd suggest reading up (either in notes you presumably have if this is for a course or online where there are any number of resources). If you know what it is then defining it is Matlab is trivial. also multiplying two numbers in Matlab doesn't seem to present any real challenges. So what part of it are you struggling with, given you've already managed to enter one complex number.

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Nicolas B.
Nicolas B. il 25 Ott 2019
Modificato: Nicolas B. il 25 Ott 2019
%code removed
Btw, I don't think this website is there to do your homework. I highly recommend you to learn how to you a search engine and to learn by your own.
This website is there to help you solve real technical problems that cannot be solved with a simple research.
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Guillaume il 25 Ott 2019
I don't think this website is there to do your homework.
And for that reason, providing actual answer to what is an obvious homework problem (a very easy one at that!) is discouraged. The OP will learn nothing (other that it's easy to cheat) if you they don't try to solve their problem.

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