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legend font style, f ​​and | are very close

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Leia il 8 Lug 2021
Commentato: Leia il 8 Lug 2021
In the lower legend f and | are very close, but in the upper one they are far. How can i set it?
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DGM il 8 Lug 2021
Is that setup identical in both cases? Obviously something is being done differently, because you have two images. I can't guess what's different.
dpb il 8 Lug 2021
Obviously the difference between the two is that a blank is inserted between the f and the | in the one and not the other. It's not clear from the post what the Q? really is -- do you not see that or do you want some way to change the spacing besides inserting the blank, I suppose?
You can't change default kerning for a given is what it is in the installed font.

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DGM il 8 Lug 2021
Modificato: DGM il 8 Lug 2021
If picking a font with a better spacing behavior isn't an option, you can always try to pad it using something other than a regular space.
███ ███ hair space -- thinnest nonzero-width space -- char(8202)
███ ███ thin space -- typically 1/5 em -- char(8201)
███ ███ punctuation space -- width of narrow punctuation -- char(8200)
███ ███ figure space -- tabular width of font -- char(8199)
███ ███ 6-per em space -- 1/6 em -- char(8198)
███ ███ 4-per em space -- 1/4 em -- char(8197)
███ ███ 3-per em space -- 1/3 em -- char(8196)
███ ███ em space -- em -- char(8195)
███ ███ en space -- 1/2 em -- char(8194)
███ ███ normal #32 space -- typically 1/4 em -- char(32) (or just spacebar)
One of the thinner spaces might be narrow enough to suit, but if you have a lot of things to plot, it might be quite the hassle.
I guess there's also LaTeX
% just one test label
h = legend({'$$\left|f\right|$$'},'interpreter','latex');
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Leia il 8 Lug 2021
thank you so much!

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Ankit il 8 Lug 2021
As per as my knowledge this is due to "FontName". Try with other FontName for e.g. Calibri etc you will see the difference.

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