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Chen Lin
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Congratulations to 2022 Annual Badge Winners!

Chen Lin il 9 Gen 2023 (Modificato il 9 Gen 2023)
Ultime attività Replicato da David il 9 Gen 2023

Every year, we show our appreciation to the top contributors by awarding two types of annual badges: Most Accepted badge and Top Downloads badge.
Most Accepted badge goes to the top 10 contributors whose answers received the most acceptances. Top downloads badge goes to the top 10 contributors with the most downloaded submissions.
In 2022, the recipients for Most Accepted are: @Walter Roberson, @Voss, @Star Strider, @Torsten, @Image Analyst, @Matt J, @KSSV, @Jan, @Stephen23, and @DGM.
Congratulations and thank you again for your outstanding contribution in 2022!
David il 9 Gen 2023
A giant contratulations and thankyou to all the recipients!
Rena Berman
Rena Berman il 9 Gen 2023
Michelle Hirsch
Michelle Hirsch il 9 Gen 2023
Congrats to all, and my personal thanks for your incredible support for the global community of MATLAB users. You should be proud of your important contributions in accelerating the pace of engineering and science!

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