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writematrix resizing column widths
For anyone encountering this problem and using R2020b, set the AutoFitWidth name-value pair for writematrix to false. Unfortunat...

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Failure to untar() a *.tar.gz file
Your file is tarred, but also gzipped, so this should work: myFile = "C:\Files\test.tar.gz"; tarFile = gunzip(myFile); % Gives...

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How can I make the output of a function always a column vector, regardless of if the input is a column or row vector?
You can use isrow for this: if isrow(output) output = output'; end

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How can I call the set-dot method on a subclass object to set a property of the superclass?
How about this? classdef MySuperClass < handle properties xyz end methods function

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how to make a constant global so all packages files use it?
You could also define a class with only constant properties. Contrary to Jan's solution, you can access the constants directly, ...

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How to find installation folder for matlab add-ons via command line?
It's a bit late, but anyone trying to do the same, try this: mngr = com.mathworks.addons_toolbox.ToolboxManagerForAddOns...

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How can I change the icon of my AppDesigner-produced GUIs?
Add this to your startupFcn: t = 0; tMax = 5; dt = 0.1; while ~isfield(struct(struct(app.UIFigure).Controlle...

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How to remove empty struct fields [ ] from a group a struct fields ?
% Create struct with empty fields. s.a = 'notEmpty'; s.b = []; s.c = ''; s.d = 12; fields = fieldnames(s); sOut = rmfiel...

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How do I save values in my loop as a column vector?
You can define the variables as columns before your for-loop: h1 = zeros(16, 1); err_max = zeros(16, 1); By then assigning va...

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How can I send multiple commands to same command prompt opened by the first command
If semicolons do not work for you, use ampersands: system('cmd1 & cmd2 & cmd3')

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Location of Help Window
What happens if you press Windows + Up? Reopening the documentation after that should open it in the same size and position it ...

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Simulink toggle run-time data access programmatically
In my model, I am accessing a signal during simulation by using the steps described in the documentation. However, for performan...

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How to use only specific files in directory in GUI?
Not sure what you mean by 'select', but you can show a user only the files containing 'PU' in their titles using [fileName, pat...

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Problem with xmlread() and https
This could work if you have write access to the file: In command window, type edit callSoapService Then in the m-file, ...

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Unique function not deleting duplicate rows.
If anyone encounters truly duplicate rows in the output of |unique| like I did, this may be caused by |NaN| in your data being t...

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How to programmatically create a script with text without saving it?
What I'm trying to do is have my function start a new m-file and add text to it, *but without saving it.* _fopen_ directly sa...

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How can I write data from workspace in *.html file
What's wrong with simply replacing .txt by .html? a = 'Hello World'; fid = fopen('file_1.html','w'); fprintf(fid,a); ...

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Which type of function call provides better performance in MATLAB?
Helpful stuff, but shouldn't the first alternative read "1. An Inline function. The body of the function is *directly* written...

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Access current system in System loop
I'm using the Simulink report generator (interactively, so not programmatically) of R2016b. I'm trying to place a snapshot in m...

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