App Designer Overview

App Designer lets you create modern professional looking apps in MATLAB even if you’re not a professional software developer. App Designer makes it easy to lay out your app, add functionality, and share your app for others to use.

To quickly design the look and feel of your app, simply drag and drop UI components into the app canvas. Build your app with classic components such as buttons, check boxes, and text boxes. Or replicate the look and feel of an instrument panel with modern components such as knobs, dials, and lamps. And you can of course display your results using one of MATLAB’s many 2D and 3D plot types. As you add more and more functionality, organize your app’s components into panels and tab groups.

As you design your app, App Designer automatically generates all the code that’s needed to lay out the app’s components. Switch over from Design View to Code View to see all the object-oriented code that has been created for you and property names that describe the components. With this structure, your UI components are easily accessed and controlled with intuitive dot notation. Here you can add your own code to define how the app responds to user interaction.

Once you’ve got a working app, share your creation with your peers or with the community. All the code and layout information is stored in a single file, which you can give to others. Or you can package your app into an installer file so users can install it in MATLAB and launch it from their Apps tab. Apps shared on the MATLAB Central File Exchange also show up automatically when users search for MATLAB Add-Ons.

To get started building apps today, launch the App Designer tutorial in MATLAB. Or browse examples to learn more about the types of apps you can build.

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