What Is AUTOSAR Blockset?

AUTOSAR Blockset lets you develop AUTOSAR Classic and Adaptive ECU software using Simulink. You can easily configure your Simulink model for AUTOSAR by choosing the AUTOSAR target. Then, launch the AUTOSAR Component Quick Start to create default AUTOSAR properties based on your Simulink model. You can edit the Simulink to AUTOSAR mapping, communication attributes in this editor. And through AUTOSAR dictionary, you can edit ports, interfaces, xml options, and other advanced properties.

AUTOSAR Blockset allows you to scale your atomic software components to composition software components and to ECUs.

AUTOSAR Blockset provides blocks and constructs for Basic Software services, including NVRAM Manager and Diagnostics Event Manager, for simulating the BSW services together with your application software model. This will help validate your AUTOSAR ECU software without leaving Simulink.

The blockset also lets you generate skeleton models configured for AUTOSAR by importing software component and composition descriptions from AUTOSAR XML files.

It provides preconfigured blocks for AUTOSAR library routines that let you generate optimized library code from Embedded Coder. In addition to C and C++ code generation, you can finally test the AUTOSAR code using Software-in-the-Loop and Processor-in-the-Loop simulation modes, and export AUTOSAR XML files for use with other aspects of your AUTOSAR production workflow, tools, and environment.

For more information on AUTOSAR Blockset, please return to the product page.