Teach with MATLAB and Simulink

Courseware for Primary and Secondary Schools

Explore downloadable teaching materials and activities created by educators, including targeted lessons and examples or full-course curricula.

learn to code with MATLAB

An online, interactive tutorial that teaches the basics of programming using MATLAB

Computational Thinking Activities with MATLAB

Explore interactive activities to develop lifelong engineering and computational thinking skills and practices.

Course Curricula


Treasure Hunt Game: Learn to Code

Interactive live scripts that teach students basic programming concepts and basic terminology through game development.

Fundamentals of Programming

Fundamentals of Programming

An overview of programming concepts, including arrays, strings, loops, and algorithms


Calculus Integrals

Interactive examples using MATLAB to visualize and practice integral calculus and a calculus flashcards app


Calculus Derivatives

An interactive module that introduces fundamentals of derivatives, including the product and chain rule as presented in Calculus I courses



Courseware that teaches the basics of plotting and app building with MATLAB; students will create their own astrodynamics game where navigators attempt to deliver payloads between star cruisers by volleying them through fantastical gravity fields

Equation and Systems

Equations and Systems: Interactive Notebook

An interactive notebook that uses MATLAB live scripts to help students analyze and learn to solve different types of equations and systems of equations

Robotics Playground

Robotics Playground
An Introduction to Mobile Robotics with MATLAB and Simulink

Step-by-step exercises using MATLAB, Simulink, and Stateflow for integrating common robot sensors and creating teleoperated and autonomous mobile robot algorithms (Recommended for ages 12+)

Programming the BBC micro:bit with MATLAB and Simulink

Programming the BBC micro:bit with MATLAB and Simulink

Teaching materials and examples that show how to program the micro:bit using Simulink and MATLAB

Pixels to Pictures Courseware

Pixels to Pictures

Lesson plans and documents required to run a project-based course that teaches the basics of programming while working with digital images; students will learn image components and transform them using MATLAB to create their own digital story (Recommended for ages 10+)

Pixels to Pictures Supplemental Material

Pixels to Pictures Supplemental Material

Additional live scripts to supplement the "Pixels to Pictures" courseware.

Bytes and Beats

Bytes and Beats
An Introduction to Programming with MATLAB

Comprehensive lesson plans with dozens of hands-on activities for teaching the fundamentals of programming with MATLAB while making music with sensors and an Arduino board (Recommended for ages 10+)

Bridge to Mathematics

Bridge to Mathematics

Example projects, handouts, and an instructor guide used for teaching the basics of writing MATLAB code for mathematical topics to high school students

Introduction to MATLAB Programming

Introduction to MATLAB Programming

Lecture slides, videos, and homework assignments for instruction on the MATLAB desktop, variables, script files, plots, conditional statements, loops, arrays, and good programming practices

Discovery-based learning

Discovery-Based Learning

Lab assignments and quizzes to help students gain real-world engineering experience by solving complex problems with MATLAB and lab hardware

Engineering Models I

Engineering Models I

Videos, lecture slides, labs, and homework assignments used to teach high school students engineering problem-solving techniques

Discover Robotics

Discover Robotics
A Journey with MATLAB and Simulink

Lessons, videos, and group discussions to conduct a hands-on workshop on learning mobile robotics for students using the MiniQ 2WD Arduino-based robot (Recommended for ages 10+)

Engineering Models II

Engineering Models II

Videos, lecture slides, labs, and homework assignments that illustrate how engineers use math to solve practical and complex problems

Engineering Problem Solving

Engineering Problem-Solving

Lab assignments and projects that teach engineering problem-solving through sustainable engineering examples

Getting Started with MATLAB and Simulink for VEX Robotics

Getting Started with MATLAB and Simulink for VEX Robotics

Detailed lesson plans and companion videos for teaching a robotics course using MATLAB, Simulink, and a VEX robot

10 Tasks on Math Modeling

10 Tasks on Math Modeling

A collection of 10 fun tasks to engage and teach students mathematical concepts, including analyzing the perfect basketball shot, cracking secret messages, and helping stranded astronauts get back home

Multi-Physics Systems

Modeling and Simulation of Multi-Physics Systems with MATLAB and Simulink

A downloadable book with accompanying code files from a course on modeling and simulation of engineering systems that span electrical, hydraulic, and mechanical domains (Recommended for ages 16+)

Lessons and Examples


Examples and code for many ways to display data graphically in MATLAB:

  • Line plot
  • Function plot
  • Histogram
  • Contour plot
  • Scatter plot
  • 3D plot

Lecture slides, videos, and exercises covering several topics, including:

  • Interpolation
  • Basic descriptive statistics
  • Data presentation

Engineering, Science, and Physics

Students use a hurricane tracking map to measure the distance from the eye of a hurricane to a city. Then they analyze MATLAB code that uses the distance formula repetitively to generate a table of data that tracks a hurricane at specific time intervals—a helpful approach for a dynamic situation such as tracking storm movements.

MATLAB exercises covering topics including:

  • Simple harmonic motion
  • Damped vibrations
  • RC circuits
  • Resultant force


Student groups act as aerospace engineering teams competing to create linear equations to guide space shuttles safely through obstacles generated by this modeling game created with MATLAB.

Lecture slides and problem sets covering topics including:

  • Numerical differentiation
  • Numerical integration
  • Max/min problems

MATLAB app with 20 interactive STEM examples for exploring several mathematical concepts, including:

  • Iteration
  • Fibonacci numbers
  • Orbits
  • Shallow-water equations
  • Morse code


Challenge your students with precalculus problems using MATLAB and Cody. Developed by a former high school teacher. Problems include:

  • Length of a hypotenuse
  • Dimensions of a rectangle
  • Side of a rhombus

Projects for writing MATLAB programs to develop seven games, including:

  • Battleship
  • Adventure
  • Connect Four
  • Othello
  • Card and dice games