Kista, Sweden

The MathWorks Nordic sales office is in Kista, a district to the north of Stockholm. Kista is a creative melting pot, with companies from many industries, as well as researchers and students from two universities and several research institutes.

Kista Shopping Mall is in the center of Kista, offering more than 180 shops and restaurants. The MathWorks Kista office is easy to reach by subway, bus, commuter train, or car.

Kista office

Kista Office

Knarrarnäsgatan 7
SE-164 40 Kista

Public Transportation

  • Subway: From Central station, take the blue line Kungsträdgården towards Akalla. Choose one of the last carriages on the train, and get off at Kista Station. Go down the stairs into the Kista Galleria Mall, turn left, and follow the signs to "Kista Science Tower." Walk through Kista Science Tower building and turn left when you exit the building. Walk across the bridge path, and you will see Kista Entré on the right.
  • Bus: Take the Airbus from the airport directly to Kista Centrum, and walk from the mall to MathWorks. Follow the directions above from Kista Galleria Mall. Visit for timetable and prices.


Parking is available.

Culture and Benefits

  • Fresh fruit daily
  • Outdoor terrace that can be used for coffee or lunch breaks