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Measurements and Spatial Audio

Acoustics, psychoacoustics, room impulse response, HRTF, SPL metering

Audio Toolbox™ enables you to measure acoustics, encode and decode ambisonics, interpolate head-related transfer functions (HRTF) and return industry-standard audio measurements.


Impulse Response MeasurerMeasure impulse response of audio system


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octaveFilterOctave-band and fractional octave-band filter
octaveFilterBankOctave and fractional-octave filter bank
weightingFilterFrequency-weighted filter
interpolateHRTF3-D head-related transfer function (HRTF) interpolation
impzestEstimate impulse response of audio system
mlsMaximum length sequence
sweeptoneExponential swept sine
loudnessMeterStandard-compliant loudness measurements
integratedLoudnessMeasure integrated loudness and loudness range
acousticLoudnessPerceived loudness of acoustic signal
acousticSharpnessPerceived sharpness of acoustic signal
acousticFluctuationPerceived fluctuation strength of acoustic signal
acousticRoughnessPerceived roughness of acoustic signal
calibrateMicrophoneCalibration factor for microphone
splMeterMeasure sound pressure level of audio signal
audioLevelMeterMeasure digital audio peak level
erb2hzConvert from equivalent rectangular bandwidth (ERB) scale to hertz
bark2hzConvert from Bark scale to hertz
mel2hzConvert from mel scale to hertz
hz2erbConvert from hertz to equivalent rectangular bandwidth (ERB) scale
hz2barkConvert from hertz to Bark scale
hz2melConvert from hertz to mel scale
phon2soneConvert from phon to sone
sone2phonConvert from sone to phon


Loudness MeterStandard-compliant loudness measurements
Weighting Filter Weighted frequency response filter
Octave FilterOctave-band and fractional octave-band filter
Octave Filter BankOctave-band and fractional octave-band filter bank