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Data Import

Import signal data from various mass spectrometry file formats

Import signal data from MZCDF, MZXML, JCAMP, TGSPC, SFF, and SCF files.


mzcdfinfoReturn information about netCDF file containing mass spectrometry data
mzcdfreadRead mass spectrometry data from netCDF file
mzcdf2peaksConvert mzCDF structure to peak list
mzxmlinfoReturn information about mzXML file
mzxmlreadRead data from mzXML file
mzxml2peaksConvert mzXML structure to peak list
sffinfoReturn information about SFF file
sffreadRead data from SFF file
tgspcinfoReturn information about SPC file
tgspcreadRead data from SPC file
jcampreadRead JCAMP-DX-formatted files
scfreadRead trace data from SCF file