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Sense HAT

Utilizzare la scheda del Sense HAT complementare di Raspberry Pi®

Utilizzare e controllare la scheda del Sense HAT di Raspberry Pi


sensehatCreate a Sense HAT object passing raspi object
readHumidityRead the humidity value from the Humidity sensor
readPressureRead the pressure value from the Air Pressure sensor
readTemperatureRead the temperature value from the Humidity sensor or the Air Pressure sensor
readAngularVelocityRead angular velocity measured by the gyroscope along x, y, and z axes
readAccelerationRead acceleration measured by the Accelerometer along x, y, and z axes
readMagneticFieldRead the magnetic field measured by the Magnetometer along the x, y and z axis
readJoystickRead the status of the joystick
displayImageDisplay an image on the Raspberry Pi hardware or on the LED Matrix of SenseHAT
writePixelWrite the specified color to an individual pixel at the specified row and column of LED Matrix
clearLEDMatrixClears the entire LED matrix and sets the all the pixels to blank ([0, 0, 0])
displayMessageScrolls a text message across the LED Matrix


raspiConnection to Raspberry Pi board