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Foundation and Custom Domains

Write Simscape™ files to represent custom domains and view Foundation domain definitions

Simscape software comes with several predefined domains, such as mechanical translational, mechanical rotational, electrical, and so on. These domains are included in the Foundation library, and are the basis of Simscape Foundation blocks, as well as those in Simscape add-on products (for example, Simscape Fluids™ or Simscape Electrical™ blocks). If you want to create a custom component to be connected to the standard Simscape blocks, use the Foundation domain definitions. For a complete listing of the Foundation domains, see Foundation Domain Types and Directory Structure.

You need to define a new custom domain only if the Foundation domain definitions do not satisfy your modeling requirements. For more information, see When to Define a New Physical Domain.

Sintassi del linguaggio

domainDomain model keywords
equationsDefine component or domain equations
parametersDeclare domain or component parameters
variablesDeclare domain or component variables


Custom Domains

Foundation Domains